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 General Questions:
How good are the products you sell - especially the products you manufacture in your own facility under your own label?
The Arista Flag Corporation Brand

We manufacture many of the numerous quality products that we sell in our own facility. We are very proud to sell these products under own label. We use the finest quality fabric, tested for colorfastness and durability. Accessory items constructed within the product structure are  matched for quality, durability, and appropriate use.

We do not cut corners. Only the best nylons and polyester fabrics are purchased, sold or  used for in-house production, drawn from established mills known for consistent quality. We use only the best vinyl, taping and heading materials, grommets, and thread. For our printed products, we use only our large format printer manufacturer's inks, those that optimize the capability of the equipment and maximize the  color and durability of the products.

Our production methods are thorough and exacting, and result in a fine well crafted products. Our manufactured products are known for their Quality, Price, and Value.

Nylon Fabric Questions

Are all colors avaialable for each type of nylon fabric?
No. The number of available colors varies with product type. All colors are avaialble for standard 200 Denier Nylon fabric.
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Can flame-retardant fabric colors be used outdoors?
Yes. All flame-retardant fabric has also been treated for color fastness with UV inhibitors.
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Can nylon fabrics be marked with permanent markers without bleeding?
You can mark the fabric, sign your nme, etc, using a permanent marker with bleeding. Paint and ink will run and smudge.
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 Question: What are the differences between 200 denier and 400 denier nylon?

The most obvious difference between 200 and 400 denier nylon is the weight and feel of the fabric. 200 denier is more flexible and ideal for a flag waving in the wind and 400 denier is stiffer, tending to be more useful as a banner material. 400 will feel thicker in your hands due to the weave. 
There are approximately 70 colors available in 200 denier nylon, whereas very limited number of colors are available in 400 denier.

Question: What if I am unfamiliar with the appearance and feel of 200 denier nylon, and would like a point of reference to have a sense of its characteristics?
Most homeowners who have flown a United States flag in recent years have flown a nylon flag made with 200 denier nylon. The fabric is light in weight and the dye color is  saturated with a slight appearance sheen but is not light reflective. The fabric is used for backdrops, curtains, podium display, as well as for flags and banners. Note that the material is not "linen like" and will have more body and stiffness when draping.
Question: I want a metallic effect. Are any nylon colors metallic in appearance?
Nylon fabric is not produced with a sheen or with dyes that would produce a color gamut that would be considered metallic in appearance. We would consider it more matte or flat in appearance. But, this description should in no way suggest a lack of color brilliance or saturation of the nylon fibers. The colors are rich and visually appealing. 

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