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Flags, banners, pennants, burgees, linings, backdrops, windsocks, kites, bags, parade sashes, and arm bands. Depending on the specific fabric and characteristics, nylon can be used for sewn and appliqued items, embroidery, screen-printing, pressure-senstive lettering application, etc. We offer this fabric treated for flame-retardancy, for products that call for a flame-resistance treatment, without loss of color, hand or texture.


Some more ideas of using nylon fabric can be found by looking at our product offerings at


Flags, banners, pennants, table banners, drape and runners, linings, backdrops, and bags. Polyester has unique chemical fiber characteristics to allow for dye-sublimation printing. It can also be embroidered and screen-printed.


Some Unusual Application Suggestions taken from Customer Experience

Using permanent markers that don't bleed, banners and flags constructed of nylon or polyester can be marked and colored. One of our customers had her students mark their names on the surface of a wall displayed banner. Another had the names of sucessful program participants sign their banner. We've seen one company cover their ceiling with nylon fabric, and another created a wall of pleated curtains out of nylon for one side of their conference room. Several individuals made hand-made costumes for events and holidays, including Halloween.


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