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Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella Acrylic Banner Fabric

A top choice for outdoor fabric banners, awnings  and signs. Sunbrella is a premium grade solution dyed-acrylic fabric that combines excellent colorfastness and durability with outstanding resistance to prolonged UV exposure. Sunbrella is a Gel Raven Mills product. Available in over 70 colors. Minimum yardage required per color. 

  • 100% solution dyed woven acrylic fabrics - 46", 60", 80" widths available
  • Excellent fade and weather resistance, durable, UV resistant
  • Fabric covered by 10 year limited warranty
  • Average roll length 65 yards
  • Weight: 9.25 oz. /per sq. yd.
    Distributers notes regarding fabric: Sunbrella Marine, Awning,  Plus care and cleaning Tips:
  • Sunbrella fabric should be cleaned regularly before substances such as dirt, roof particles, etc. are allowed to accumulated on and become embedded in the fabric. The fabric can be cleaned without being removed from the installation. Simply brush off any loose dirt, roof particles, etc., hose down and clean with mild solution of natural soap in lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use detergents. Allow to air dry.
  • Sunbrella is made of 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber which is thermoplastic. DO NOT SUBJECT TO EXCESSIVE HEAT. Sunbrella will not take heat transfers.
  • When Sunbrella is stored, it should be cleaned, allowed to air dry and stored in a dry, well ventilated  area.
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