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Polyester Fabric - 200 D 60" width

Polyester Fabric -60"

Polyester Fabric - 200 denier and 600 denier Dacron

Available in white only. This fabric is ideal for dye-sublimation and results in brilliant color-saturated flags and banners.  We use this fabric to make dye-sub flags and banners using our own equipment and quality dye-sublimation ink. The fabric requires heat transfer to chemically bond the dye-sublimation ink to the fabric fiber. The result is a permanent, color-saturated bond.  We prefer the 200 denier for flags due to the excellent flexibility and durability of the fabric, as well as its light weight. This fabric is very similar in hand and feel to 200 denier nylon and when dyed in color gives the same visual appearance to nylon. We uses this specific denier to make podium banners, marching lead banners, and flags.  400 denier, being a heavier weight, is more opaque and well suited to banners, especially banners for outdoor use. 

  • Style 8760 Flag Dacron, 
    3.2oz / sq yd. 200 Denier Dacron (aka. Polyester) Available  60" or 72" style 8760  For dye-sublimation. Shrinks slightly at extreme temperatures depending on the length of the printed piece. For example there is no shrinkage on a golf size flag printed on a flat heat press, where a there would be a few inches shrinkage on a banner over 8' in length when printed on a rotary heat press.
  • Style 8763 Banner Dacron,
    7.8 oz. / sq yd. 600 denier Dacron (aka polyester) Available 60" style 8763. This fabric is used for dye-sublimation.   Fabric is subject to slight shrinkage at high temperatures depending on the length of the printed piece.  The fabric has the advantage of slightly more opacity than the 200 denier Dacron. We find that dye-sublimation appears slightly more color-saturated on the thicker fiber but also slightly more matte in appearance.
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poly dye-sub fabric
Polyester: 200 Denier Dacron for dye-sublimation
Price: $15.95
Polyester: 200 Denier Dacron for dye-sublimation
200 denier Dacron polyester ideal for flags that fly. Used for dye-sublimation fabric printing. We make our dye-printed flags and banners with this fabric. White fabric. Discounts available for quantity. Inquire.
polyester white fabric
Polyester: 600 Denier Dacron for Dye-sublimation
Price: No minimums.
Polyester: 600 Denier Dacron for Dye-sublimation
This 600 denier Dacron polyester is heavier, thicker than the 200 denier and works very well for banners. Very good color depth.
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