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Dowel and Decorative Ball Tips, with twist tassel combination

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dowel spear tips twist tassel set
dowel spear tips twist tassel settassels - hanging cords for podium banners
Price: $44.00
Item Number: DS100
Manufacturer Part No: DS100


What color twist tassel hannging cord.
Plain Wood Dowel and Small Decorative Ball Tips,
with Twist Tassel Hanging Cord

  • Pricing includes a gold or white twist tassel hanging cord.
  • Sizes of the dowel are measured between the spear tips, which is considered the banner width.
  • Two decoratve ball tips are provided  with the dowel. These are attached to the ends of the dowel crossbar.
    They are approximately 2"" long 
    and increase the overall length of the finished dowel with balltips. Speartips are no longer provided (you will receive a ball tip instead.)

  • NOTE: Size lengths of the dowel itself, meassured between decorative ball tips only,  are 18", 19", 20", 22", 22", 24", 26", 28" and 30".  You need to send us a note indicarting this length. Ifd we are not informed of this lengrth we can't cut the correct size of the dowel. 

  • Special size 12" length for extra small banners or bannerettes is also available.
  • When cutting all sizes, we  allow for the extra length to attach the spear tips.
  • The twist tassel hanging cords are attached to the spear tips by tying them on and balancing the lengths of cord hanging down on the sides evenly.
  • Individual component items of the set cannot be purchased separately.

    Remember the size is measuured between the small decorative ball tips! This is the width of the banner itself. Do not include the ball tips in the meassurement.
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